Phenomenal Flow
A Shine speciality! Heated to 85 degrees+, this is our most challenging class. Set to upbeat music, this dynamic flow series will challenge you and encourage you to connect with your breath through movement. All levels will enjoy this class and we encourage beginners to take the “fundamental flow” class first. Modifications will be offered throughout the class for both beginners and more advanced yogis. You will leave class sweatier … happier … stronger … and shinier.

Heated to a comfortable room temperature, this gentle and slow-moving class includes mostly floor postures and encourages relaxation and deep stretching. Each pose is held for about 15-20 breaths. Yin Yoga applies gentle tension to the connective tissue, such as the tendons, fascia, and ligaments with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility and strength. The poses also improve the flow of prana (life force) to boost organ health, immunity, mental and emotional balance and well-being. Appropriate for all levels.


Feel Good Flow
This gentle class is heated to room temperature (around 75 degrees) and focuses on deep stretching and mindfulness. Feel Good Flow is appropriate for all levels. Join us for this feel good class that will leave you feeling relaxed, recharged and inspired. During class you can expect to hold poses a bit longer in order to give you the opportunity to really explore the body. You can also expect only slow, gentle flow sequences that encourage you to give the mind a break and tune into your body and breath.  Take this class and you will leave FEELING GOOD.  No previous yoga experience necessary.

Join us for this fun and challenging pilates- style exercise class with weights! We offer 1, 2, 3 and 5 pound weights in this class and it's for every level. The class is 60-minutes and it's a sweaty one; get ready to be challenged! Each teacher has a different style so each class promises something new and exciting! This class is heated to a comfortable temperature.

Restorative Yoga will quite literally calm your entire being. This tranquil non-heated practice involves props to support you and guide you into postures. Practiced in a candlelit room, this practice encourages you to explore your body, heighten your awareness and deepen the connection with yourself. You will leave our evening restorative classes feeling balanced, relaxed and ready for a wonderful night's sleep.

Sacred Sunday Flow
Join Nicole Mathis and Alyssa Marty (rotating schedule) for this soulful Sunday practice. During this heated class you will truly focus on connecting the mind, body and spirit through asana, guided meditation,  sound healing and so much more. Set your intentions for your week ahead with this special class. 

Fundamental Flow
Beginners, this is your class! This class is not heated though the temperature will rise naturally as more bodies fill the studio. Designed for every yogi no matter your skill level, this class encourages you to deepen and strengthen your practice. You will learn the fundamentals of the vinyasa flow practice including how to align your body, properly breathe and tap into your spirituality. We recommend this class for those yogis who want to learn more about their practice and themselves. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Flow and Let Go
This heated flow class is fluid and calming. This class is appropriate for all levels and can be modified to your needs. Use this class to relax your mind, move your body and escape for a bit. Connecting your movements with your breath in this class will allow you to get deeper into your poses and nourish your body, mind and soul. We call this class "vinny" as it combines both vinyasa and yin disciplines and is slower but challenging. Get ready to stretch and SHINE with this feel good class! 

You'll start with a warm up and sequence of upper-body exercises, which include free weights, push-ups, planks and moves that target the biceps, triceps, chest and back muscles. Next, you'll use the ballet barre and your own bodyweight for resistance to focus on the thighs and seat muscles. Barre is a head-to-toe workout for every body type. Combining forms of pilates, yoga, dance and functional training, this workout will leave you feeling toned, slimmed and strengthened.  





Barre and Yoga


Monthly Unlimited
Barre + Yoga
($110 per month with autopay for 6 months)


6 month AUTOPAY unlimited classes
Barre + Yoga


Family Pass
Barre  + Yoga
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10-Class Pass Pack
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20-Class Pass Pack
Barre  + Yoga (use within 12 months)


50-Class Pass Pack
Barre  + Yoga (use within 12 months)


Private Instruction
Barre or Yoga (group rates upon request)

Special pricing for local full-time students and seniors (65+):


seniors 65 +
Unlimited Yoga + Barre


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