Alyssa Marty

More than ten years ago I stepped on my mat for the first time and felt...well, nothing. I couldn't understand the big deal everyone was making about yoga. But, I kept going. I don't know why or what convinced me to stick with it but I thank the universe every single day that I didn't give up. Not only has yoga become my life, it's saved my life...time and time again. I knew fairly quickly that I wanted to share my experience with as many humans as I possibly could. It took me ten years and a million life experiences and stories to get here but today, SHINE is my greatest achievement and the community I am most proud to be a part of. This studio has been my guiding light (even before it opened) through every heartbreak, addiction, depression and seemingly hopeless hardship I have endured. It is my lifelong dream to be able to support someone else in their healing journey. With our studio, I believe I am finally living that dream.

THANK YOU from the depths of my soul for this gift.