What is Barre?

SHINE offers ahhhh-mazing barre classes.  So why haven't you tried one yet? If you're wondering what the heck barre even is; put simply, it is a ballet-inspired workout that mixes ballet movements with other disciplines including pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, all set to fun and upbeat music. Sounds fun, right? At SHINE we use small weights (1, 2 or 3 pounds), exercise balls and bands to make our classes even better and more focused. Each barre class at our studio includes a warm-up, upper body workout, lower body workout, core workout and a cool down. You will leave our barre classes feeling stronger, happier and more connected to your body. 

For 50- 60 minutes (depending on your teacher) enjoy a challenging, motivating, sassy workout that will help you tone, lengthen and strengthen every muscle in your body. We promise that if you stick to a committed barre routine 4-5 times per week for a month, you will start to see some incredible changes in your body. Stick with it for longer and you will truly transform. 

Meet our #barrebabes


Kate Guntert

Kate is a Stockton, native and has lived here pretty much her entire life. She's passionate about barre because she was a classically trained ballet dancer for 15 years and she truly enjoys combining her love for ballet and with her dedication to fitness. Kate is a Leo so she naturally loves to perform! Arabesques are her favorite move because they are one of the BIGGEST and most fluid movements.  Because we can't all be good all the time, her guilty pleasures include fried chicken or Mexican food! No matter your background or experience, Kate takes pride in helping all her students get in touch with their inner ballerina! It's liberating!


Lisa Donahue

Lisa is a true Stockton girl and PROUD OF IT! She loves barre because it combines her two favorite things, ballet and weights! Plus, a barre booty is a real thing.... Lisa describes herself as a "open-minded  humanitarian with a tendency to be stubborn." A  true Aquarius, she tends to need the motivation to stay fit, which is why barre works so well for her, a barre booty alone is motivation enough. Lisa loves Stockton for its beauty. Whether it's the Delta sunsets, the colorful culinary gems, or the people that make up this vivacious city, she feels that this place's beauty is unlike anything else. Her guilty pleasure?  Anything with sugar in it. Gluten-Free baked goods are her kryptonite.

What you need to know

  • Come to class prepared to sweat. So, wear your typical athletic gear you would do any sweaty workout in, minus your tennis shoes. In barre we train barefoot or in special socks with grips on the bottom (soon to be sold at SHINE).

  • Bring your yoga mat and water bottle ( we offer free water if you run out).

  • If this is your first class, arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out the proper forms and get acquainted with the studio.

  • You do NOT need to have any background in dance to enjoy barre. Our instructors are trained to guide you through every movement; no previous experience required.

  • Everything in a barre class can be modified. Let your teacher know if you have any limitations and they will help you work around them.